We offer online bookkeeping and advisory services for Canadian businesses with annual revenues up to $5 million. Cloud based outsourced bookkeeping is a great way to grow efficiency, access, and control without growing costs. Having one of our trained professionals handling your books will free you from the mundane tasks and allow you more time to focus on specific problems and needs in your operations, as well as expand your business. Our team of certified bookkeepers will provide accounting systems that are accurate and secure. Since we find, train and ensure our bookkeepers are certified and comply with a professional code of ethics, you never have to worry about looking for a new qualified bookkeeper.


We provide knowledgeable bookkeepers to address your specific needs, no matter where you are, so you can know where your business is heading and can make important decisions that will increase your bottom line. Our bookkeepers are certified by the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (IPBC) and as such must comply with a continuing education program and have successfully passed a national standardized exam and obtained certification. We are committed to providing the best group of bookkeepers to deliver reliable financial information and advisory services anywhere in Canada. We go even further, having skilled Certified Professional Accountant’s, bound by the rules of professional conduct set out by the Canadian Institute of Professional Chartered Accountants, on staff, to answer tough accounting questions, resolve issues and review the bookkeeping entries for quality and accuracy.


Our virtual bookkeeping services are priced at a fraction of the cost of conventional in-house bookkeeping which is made possible through streamlined standardized process and systems offered through the cloud. Most business owners do not know what it actually costs to have an employee do their bookkeeping. The cost of a bookkeeper is the sum of the bookkeeper’s wage and overhead costs. Overhead costs not only include benefits and office costs, but also costs associated with errors, the time it takes to hire, train, supervise, and provide back-up for time off. Businesses can incur 1.5 times the hourly cost of the bookkeeper for overhead related costs for bookkeeping. All of those costs are eliminated with outsourced bookkeeping, thereby costing less than an in-house employee.


Fraud committed in SME businesses are almost always done by an inside bookkeeper. We design accounting systems to protect your information, with complete checks and balances. Although no internal controls are foolproof, having our system in place allows business owners to greatly mitigate the risks associated with misappropriation or theft of business assets.


The cloud offers added security for the maintenance and management of crucial data, ensuring that your information will never be lost due to accidents or computer malfunctions. Securing your data is our priority number one. Your data is hosted on Canadian application servers’ insular, independent storage disks. Strict procedures are followed to ensure the highest recognized security levels at all times.

  • Files are stored securely using 128 bit encryption technology, the same that your bank uses.
  • Our servers reside in a high security data center behind the latest in firewall protection devices.
  • Remote log-in from an Internet Explorer browser installed on any Windows 7 or 8 device connected to the Internet is secured by 128 bits encryption.
  • All client data is backed up using a world class online backup service on a daily basis

Our team delivers comprehensive solutions for financial management, reporting and compliance through our private accounting portal providing you with a safe environment where you can view and share your information with our team in real time. Our online storage of financial information enables you to share, collaborate and synchronize files and folders across desktop computers and mobile devices operating on Windows and Mac.

Our online portal, a password-protected virtual area, is accessible at all times, through our website. This convenient data room allows you to access your most recent financial information and log in to your updated accounting software to print checks, view transactions, reports and perform basically any tasks you want to take on.

Our services are a selection of the following items as agreed with you and are adjusted as your needs evolve through time :

  • Full outsourced bookkeeping services
  • Automating, standardizing and streamlining your accounting processes
  • Part Time Controller and CFO advisory services
  • Financial Reporting
  • Analytical review procedures
  • Detailed and complete General Ledgers
  • Managing Accounts Receivable /Payable (Invoicing, deposits, issuance of checks)
  • Monthly bank and credit cards reconciliations
  • Employee expense reports
  • Budget forecasting and control
  • Tax and Regulatory Compliance
  • Internal Control Assessment
  • Full Payroll services (checks or direct deposits & government filings and remittances)
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