Our specialists review and evaluate the different tax positions and their risks and relevance in the overall context of the business. They are available to help find innovative solutions to complex tax questions.

Our team understands tax legislation thoroughly and knows how to match its imperatives to our clients’ circumstances. The majority of our clients are entrepreneurs, and over the years, that has resulted in a team infused with entrepreneurial thought and action. Our professionals are creative problem-solvers, always looking for ways to improve the tax situations of our clients. Our services include:

  • Tax accounting consultations
  • Production of corporate, personal, and trust income tax reports
  • Corporate and personal tax planning
  • Research and development credits
  • Succession planning

Should the need arise, we will tailor solutions to meet unique challenges through initiatives such as:

  • Help ensure that overall effective tax rates are kept as low as possible while helping in minimizing tax risks by identifying opportunities for tax savings.
  • Address significant changes in tax rules when they arise, and adjust the tax strategies as needed.
  • Ensure that corporate compliance tax services are delivered with exacting attention to detail.